SB 276 “Prairie Chicken Bill” is in DANGER! Next Meeting Tuesday April 8

 SB 276 “Prairie Chicken Bill” is in DANGER! 

SB 276 (the prairie chicken bill) has been gutted by the House Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee.
On Wednesday, the House Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee took the teeth out of SB 276 – the State Sovereignty Over Non-Migratory Wildlife Act. The bill, which was drafted by Secretary of State Kobach and passed 30-10 by the Kansas Senate, declares that the federal government has no authority under the U.S. Constitution to regulate the lesser prairie chicken. Importantly, it makes it a violation of Kansas law for any federal officer to enforce a prairie-chicken-related regulation in Kansas. This provision ensures that the Kansas Attorney General will have legal standing to take the federal government to court before any Kansas landowner is injured by the federal government.
Unfortunately, lobbyists working for the Kansas Livestock Association persuaded the House committee to take out this crucial language. What is left is a toothless bill that is little more than a symbolic statement. It will now be difficult for the State of Kansas to protect Kansas landowners.
We do not know why the Kansas Livestock Association acted in the interests of the federal government and against the interests of Kansas landowners. But we do know why Democrats and liberal Republicans would be persuaded to take the teeth out of the bill.
Fortunately, we may still be able to restore the bill to its original strength. CALL YOUR STATE REPRESENTATIVE AND STATE SENATOR IMMEDIATELY and urge them to put the teeth back in the bill and make it a violation of Kansas law for the federal government to enforce its regulations regarding the prairie chicken. The legislature is likely to consider the bill either Thursday or Friday. LET THEM KNOW THAT WE ARE WATCHING THEM. A SYMBOLIC BILL IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

SB 276, the State Sovereignty Over Non-Migratory Wildlife Act, also known as the Prairie Chicken Bill,is in dangerof not getting out of committee!  There has been no action on the bill for a week.  Bills need to be acted in committee this week so they can be voted on before the full house prior to end of session.  Please call Committee Members and let them know this bill needs to be voted out of committee to protect the state of Kansas from federal government intrusion!


The Prairie Chicken Bill is an important step in protecting our state’s 10th Amendment rights and sovereignty that we are guaranteed under the Constitution.  The costs of not passing the bill would be staggering if the federal government deems the lesser prairie Chicken an “endangered” species on March 31st.  If the Prairie Chicken becomes an endangered species, its habitat could become “protected” with Federal Government controlling the use of this Kansas land.

Members of the committee to contact are:


Rep. John Alcala 785 296-7371

Rep. Sue Boldra 785-296-4683

Rep. Sydney Carlin 785 296-7649

Rep. Will Carpenter 785-296-7673

Rep. Diana Dierks 785-296-7642

Rep. Bud Estes 785-296-6287

Rep. John Ewy 785-296-7105

Rep. Ramon Gonzalez 785-296-7500

Rep. Larry Hibbard 785-296-7380

Rep. Steven Johnson 785-296-7696

Rep. Harold Lane 785 296-7649

Rep. Adam Lusker 785-296-7698

Rep. Tom Moxley 785-296-7689

Rep. Marty Read 785-296-7310

Rep. Don Schroeder 785-296-7500

Rep. Joe Seiwert 785-296-7647

Rep. Tom Sloan 785-296-7654

Rep. Jack Thimesch 785-296-7105

Rep. Ed Trimmer 785 296-7122

Rep. Troy Waymaster 785-296-7672

Walk for Milton Wolf – Saturday
On Saturday, April 5 supporters of Milton Wolf will be walking in Topeka. If you wish to participate contact:
Sammy Peck at 785-224-6210.

Next Meeting Tuesday April 8

TUESDAY, April 8

in McFarland’s Restaurant (lower level)

4133 SW Gage Center Dr, Topeka, KS 66604

5:30 PM Meet & Greet

6 PM – KS Representative John Bradford

For more information
Send e-mail to:
Steve Ashcraft & Beth Tindell, Co-Chairs Topeka 912 Steering Committee


Topical Summary of 2013 KS Bills

For more information, go to, Bills and Laws, Reports, Laws: Bill Number

Public Schools/Education

SB 11 School finance; special ed. state aid; transportation of pupils; budget calculation; use of unencumbered funds. Can now use motor vehicle related revenue. And requires the Department of Ed to annually publish the following expenditures for each school district on a per pupil basis:(1) total expenditures; (2) capital outlay expenditures; (3) bond and interest expenditures: and (4) all other expenditures not included in (2) or (3).

SB 21 & 171 Amendments relating to school district funds, enacting the uniform financial accounting and reporting act

H Sub for Sub SB111 Special education funding; fund flexibility on expenditures of unencumbered balances in school funds for general operating expenses.

HB 2015 extends base state aid per pupil (BSAPP) at $4,433 or less or an amount not exceeding 30% of its general fund budget, ever which is greater. Property Tax levy of 20-mill remains.

In Conference Committee

SB sub for HB 2140 Kansas Reads to Succeed Act Which says National Assessment for Education Progress scores show 29% of 4th graders in Ks read below the ‘basics” level and the National Center for Education statistics states that 40 states are higher the Kansas on 4th grade reading. Bill would focus on developing intervention starting in first and second grade instead of third grade in schools having higher that statewide average of students who are scoring at the lowest achievement standard of the most recent state wide assessment.

Common Core

Defunding attempts failed at the last minute. Perhaps next year.


SB 14 Creates a fund for Kansas newborn screening program

H Sub for SB36 licensing of abortion clinics by department of health and environment.

H Sub SB 62 Concerning medical care facilities: relating to abortion; Sterilization.

SB 142 Abortion; concerning civil actions related to abortion. Amends the wrongful death stature to include ‘unborn child’ with the definition of a ‘person’ for purposes of the wrongful death of an ‘unborn child’ caused by the wrongful act or omission of another. “Unborn child’ is defined as a living individual organism of the species homo sapiens, in utero, at any state of gestation from fertilization to birth.

SB 199 KU Med Center Now Midwest center for adult stem cell therapy

HB 2035 Omnibus Abortion amendments. The term “fetus” in the law is changed to “unborn child” and revised definitions of “Viability”, “abortion” and “partial birth abortion” are included. A new definition of “human being” is added. A civil cause of action is created regarding late-term abortions, partial birth abortions, and parental consent. The Attorney General, district attorney and county attorneys are authorized to prosecute criminal offenses.

HB 2218 New restrictions on “pain-capable child” after 22 weeks or more unless the physician believes that the pregnant woman might receive irreversible physical impairment or death.

HB 2253 KS Pro-life protection act: Recognizes that life begins at fertilization for purposes of public policy decisions. Presents state discrimination against pro-life entities. Restricts taxpayer funding for abortion. Defunds abortion training at the state university medical school Keeps abortion businesses out of public school sex-education. Codifies informed consent topics already used by the state health department. Strengthens medical and community support for Down Syndrome and other conditions.


SB152 & HB 2491 permit a person with a concealed carry license to carry concealed handgun while lawfully hunting, fishing, or harvesting

HB 2278 Creates a penalty enhancement for the theft or burglary of a firearm valued at less than $25,000 to a severity level.

Also still in committee, S Sub for HB 2052 Concealed Carry Expansion allowing possession of firearm in certain public building, provided the individual holds a concealed carry permit.

SB 211 allows pharmacists to dispense prescribed drugs three months worth at time if not a controlled substance or a psychotherapeutic drug

Sexual Crimes & Other Crimes

Sub for SB159 Requires as condition of probation that the defendant be subject to search

SB 280 amends KS Sexual predator act to require the predator to be notify (1) of the nature and purpose of evaluation and 2) that the evaluation is not now confidential.

Sub for SB 307 Statute of limitations for sexually violent crimes when the victim is a child & adds a more speedy trail statutes

S Sub for Hb2034 Crimes of human trafficking, commercial sexual exploitation of a child, selling sexual relations,

HB 2151 amends “breach of privacy” to include any method that does or threatens a person nude or not, crime is now severity level 4, person felony.

HB 2227 Allowing for the issuance of arrest warrants based on DNA profiles

HB 2252 Eliminating the stature of limitations for prosecutions of rape and aggravated criminal sodomy

HB 2465 Authorizing sentencing court to order lifetime electronic monitoring for certain sex offenders.

HB 2534 ‘Caylee’s law’ criminalizes the failure to report the death or disappearance of a child

HB 2468 Requiring defense attorneys to produce reports and allow inspection prior to criminal trial

HB 2217 Creating the crime of female genital mutilation, and setting the penalty to severity level 3, a person felony

HB 2019 Court of appeals judges will now be appointment by governor & confirmation by the Senate. In pass they were appointed by a group of lawyers


SB 103 Elections, absentee voting by military and others; ballots. It allows overseas voters to vote a full ballot at all elections; apply for, receive and return their ballots by electronic means; and vote a write –in ballot, if needed

SB 125 Elections; candidate filing deadline change.

H Sub for SB129 Elections, voter photographic identification requirements: election date changes: voters registration records

HB 2067 Voter must photographic identification requirements to vote.

Protection of our rights

Sub SB79 Anti-Sharia law concerning protection of our rights as granted under the constitution. Protects us and our courts from any foreign juristic laws that does not follow the Constitution.


H SUB for SB83 cuts taxes & save $10.5 million in FY2014 Gen Fund receipts

S sub HB 2117 Tax reduction for individuals to 3% or 4.9% 2013. Top two were 6.25% & 6.45% Increased standard deduction for single head of house- hold & joint married to $9,000, but several tax credits were repealed.

Sub 84 2014 & 2015 =Income tax 2.5% & 3.5% down .5% /1.4% 2013

SB 78 sales tax decrease from 6.3% to 6.15%

HB 2234 Contracted to combine the Ks Turnpike Authority and the KDOT in an effort to save some $30 million

Many higher # bills were used to combine several departments to save more money

Defund Common Core Curriculm – Act Now

Defund Common Core
Keep our education decisions local!
A Nationalized Curriculum is not good for Kansas!
It is critical that all of you, call and e-mail these listed below.  We must keep the pressure up not to accept a national curriculum for Kansas.  (links taken from Culture Shield Network and Donna Lippoldt)



Sen.  Steve Abrams


Sen. Terry Bruce


Sen. Jim Denning


Sen. Jeff King


Sen. Garrett  Love


Sen. Julia Lynn


Sen. Ty Masterson


Sen. Susan Wagle




Rep. Kyle Hoffman


Rep. Kasha Kelley


Rep. Peggy Mast


Rep. Ray Merrick


Rep. Marc Rhoades


Rep. Gene Suellentrop


Rep. Jene Vickrey


Rep. Brian Weber


Kansas Can Stop Common Core

Topeka 912 encourages you to contact your Kansas legislators and ask them to defund and stop Common Core in Kansas.  This year’s session is almost over so It is important to call, email and write to voice opposition to implementing Common Core curriculum in Kansas schools.  A phone call is generally more effective than an email.  The following four legislators need to hear your opinion on why Common Core is a bad idea for Kansas, but contacting your Senator and Congressman (if they’re not two of these four) is also needed. Common Core is too expensive, too restrictive, and too invasive to be allowed into our State.

Representative Mark Rhodes

Representative Richard Carlson

Senator Steve Abrams

Senator Ty Masterson

Not familiar with Common Core? Check out these links.

What is Common Core?

The Whole Story on Common Core

Michelle Malkin On Common Core